Mandarin chicken


Mandarin chicken

Hi all!
Ok so today i'm sharing with you one of my most favorite recipes, Mandarin chicken! It's totally easy and an instant hit. It's a Chinese recipe which can replace all your Manchurians and Shashliks! :P
Anyway let's get started!


  1. 1 cup orange/pineapple juice.
  2. 1/3 rd cup vinegar
  3. 4 tbsp. Soy sauce
  4. 3-4 tbsp regular or brown sugar
  5. 1 tbsp honey( optional)
  6. 4 tbsp. Ketchup.
  7. 1 tsp red chilli flakes
  8. 1/2 tsp salt
  9. Pinch of black pepper


  1. Half kg boneless chicken cut in small cubes.
  2. Half cup corn flour and plain flour in equal proportions.
  3. 1 egg.
  4. Salt
  5. Black pepper 1 tbsp
  6. White pepper 1 tsp
  7. Red chilli flakes
  8. Garlic paste or powder
  9. Mustard sauce
  10. Chinese salt
  11. Dried herbs
  12. Oil for frying.


  1. Mix all ingredients for the sauce and place aside.
  2. Marinate chicken with salt, pepper, chinese salt, garlic paste, mustard sauce for half hour.
  3. Now season the flour mix with salt, black n white pepper, dried herbs.
  4. Season egg with garlic paste/powder, little salt, black pepper, red chilli flakes.
  5. Now place the chicken in flour mix and coat completely.
  6. Now throw the coated chicken into the egg.
  7. Coat properly and refrigerate for atleast half an hour.
  8. Now fry the chicken.
  9. In a separate pan add the sauce without oil and let it warm up.
  10. Now add your fried chicken into it. 
  11. Add 1 tsp corn flour/ corn starch in to 2 tsp water. Mix.
  12. Add the the cornflour mix to your gravy.
  13. Cook for another minute.
  14. Serve with boiled rice.

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