Nutella French toasts


Nutella French toasts

Whatsup everyone!!! I hope everything is well!
So in the past months I've seen this nutella French toast craze in my college especially, so I decided to share this very easy recipe, which I learnt from my friend. So let's get started.


  1. Nutella or any hazelnut spread that you like.
  2. 2 fresh white bread slices
  3. Powdered sugar
  4. Cinnamon powder (optional)
  5. Oil for frying
  6. 1 egg 
  7. 2 tbsp milk


  1. Remove the sides of your bread, roll it with a rolling pin to flatten it out.
  2. Let your nutella come to room temperature.
  3. Spread it on your slices, as much as you like, be gentle and try not to break your slice.
  4. Roll your bread carefully.
  5. Mix the egg  and milk.
  6. Place your rolls into the above mix, don't let them stay there long or the slices will soak up too much and break off.
  7. In a non stick pan add 2-3 tbsp oil and don't warm it up, directly add your rolls.
  8. Very carefully flip them over, using 2 forks.
  9. When they turn golden brown, remove them.
  10. Roll them in your powdered sugar and cinnamon. 
  11. Drizzle some extra Nutella.
  12. Enjoy!

Serves: 1

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