Stack of churros

Hi everyone! what sup? My exams are over and i couldn't be happier! :D YAY! So today's recipe is a total winner! I first had churros in a mall few years ago! loved them! Today i'm sharing with you a homemade version. So you can either fry them or bake them, also i had a thinner star tip so mine were a little thinner, you can use  thicker one. Also for a denser dough use a single egg and for a lighter dough use 2 small eggs. So let's begin:


  1. 200 ml water
  2. 100 gram butter
  3. 3 tbsp brown/white sugar
  4. Pinch of salt
  5. 200 gram plain flour
  6. 1 large egg at room temperature
  7. Wooden spoon
  8. Oil for frying
  9. Star tip and a piping bag
  10. Melted chocolate or nutella as a dip
  11. Powdered sugar to coat
  12. 2 drops of vanilla essence


after initially adding the egg

  1. In a pan add water, butter, sugar and salt. let the butter melt and the whole mixture come to a simmer.
  2. Then add your flour. Mix it with a wooden spoon until you see no lumps and a dough is formed. let it stay on the stove for a minute.
  3. Now transfer it to a new bowl.
  4. Gradually add in your beaten egg with the vanilla essence,
  5. Mix it with a wooden spoon until everything is smooth and Incorporated.
  6. Add your dough to a piping bag.
  7. Heat you oil until you get bubbles at the base of a wooden spoon when you dip it in.
  8. Now fry your churros until they are golden brown.
  9. Roll then into powdered sugar and cinnamon. (optional)
  10. Serve hot with nutella or chocolate sauce!

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