Oreo dessert


Oreo dessert
Oreo Dessert

Hi guys! what's up? I hope you all are well! So today i'm sharing with you a very easy recipe which i've learnt from a friend. The best part is that if you freeze it for 24 hours it turns into a cookies and cream, ice-cream! So let's begin!


  1. 400 grams of sweetened condensed milk 
  2. 30 Oreo cookies- crushed
  3. 400 grams of whipped cream, regular cream can be used if you just want the taste and not the perfection.
  4. 2 packs of instant coffee mix
  5. 2 tbsp vegetable gelatin powder- optional


  1. Either use store bought whipped cream OR for HOMEMADE version place the bowl, cream and the whisks into the freezer, half an hour before whipping. Make a water bath (in a bowl add ice cubes and a little water and over it, place a smaller bowl in which the cream is going to be whipped) For maintaining the temperature.With an electric mixer, whip your cream on a lower setting for first 2 minutes, then on the highest setting later till stiff peaks form. This took me 8 minutes. DON'T over whip otherwise the cream will separate into butter.
  2. Mix the condensed milk into the cream.
  3. In 2 tbsp of water, mix the coffee and the gelatin, then fold it into the whipped cream.
  4. In your serving dish/bowls add a base of Oreos, leave some for the top.
  5. Now add in the cream mixture. Spreading evenly.
  6. Then top with more crushed oreos.
  7. Cover this dish and freeze over night OR freeze in an air tight container for 20-24 hours for an ice-cream.
  8. Now you can enjoy this as it is or add milk to this and make an oreo milk shake, it's amazing!!

 SERVES: 6-8

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